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The Classic Corvette Sting Ray (1963)

Posted by Unknown Monday, April 29, 2013
good day folks..

this car is amazing..it has a really sport look that time, i really like the spec of this corvette sting ray n apparently im not the only 1 who love this car when i see that they build the reincarnation of the classic corvette sting ray in 2014..read this..and this is the look of the 2014 Sting Ray

i search through the net n i found the classic sting ray spec..check this out

The 1963 Corvette Sting Ray not only had a fantastic new design, but also newfound handling prowess. The Sting Ray was also a somewhat lighter Corvette, so acceleration improved despite unchanged horsepower. Here are the specifications for the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray:
The 1963 Corvette Sting Ray offered the top 360-hp fuel-injected 327 V-8 and the equally desirable four-speed manual gearbox.
The 1963 Corvette Sting Ray offered the top 360-hp fuel-injected
327 V-8 and the equally desirable four-speed manual gearbox.
Vehicle SpecificationsConvertible Coupe 
Wheelbase, inches 98.0 98.0 
Length, inches 175.3 175.3 
Width, inches 69.6 69.6 
Track, inches front: 56.3 rear 57.0 front: 56.3 rear: 57.0 
Height, inches 49.8 NA 
Curb weight, pounds 3,150 3,150 

Mechanical Specifications (2-door convertible/coupe)
front: Independent; upper and lower A-arms, coil springs, antiroll bar, tubular hydraulic shock absorbers
rear: Fixed differential, U-jointed half shafts, lateral struts, radius rods, transverse leaf spring, tubular hydraulic shock absorbers, antiroll bar w/big block engines
front: 11-inch drum
rear: 11-inch drum
3-speed manual (std)
4-speed manual (opt)
2-speed Powerglide (opt)
Standard axle ratio
Engine Specifications 
Typeohv V-8ohv V-8ohv V-8ohv V-8
Displacement, liters/cu inch5.35/327 5.35/3275.35/3275.35/327
Bore x stroke, inches4.00 x 3.254.00 x 3.254.00 x 3.254.00 x 3.25
Fuel Management1 x 4-bbl.1 x 4-bbl. (AFB)1 x 4-bbl. (AFB)fuel injection
Horsepower @ rpm250 @ 4400300 @ 5000340 @ 6000360 @ 6000
Torque @ rpm, pound-foot350 @ 2800360 @ 3200344 @ 4000352 @ 4000
Published Performance Numbers 
Acceleration300 hp, 4-sp man.
0-60 mph, sec6.1
0-100 mph, sec 14.5 
1/4-mile, sec @ mph 14.5 @ 100
Vehicle Production and Base Prices
Car TypeProductionPrice 
2-door convertible10,919$4,037.00 
2-door coupe10,5944,252.00

Options and Production
OptionProduction Price 
Leather Seats1,114$80.70
Sebring Silver Exterior Paint3,51680.70
Soft Ray Tinted Glass, all62916.15
Soft Ray Tinted Glass, windshield47010.80
Power Windows3,742 59.20 
Auxiliary Hardtop 5,739 236.75 
Heater and Defroster Delete (credit)124100.00
Air Conditioning278 421.80
Positraction Rear Axle, all ratios17,554 43.05 
Highway Rear Axle, 3.08:12112.20
Power Brakes3,33643.05 
Sintered Metallic Brakes5,31037.70
300 hp Engine 8,033 53.80 
340 hp Engine6,978107.60
360 hp Engine FI2,610430.40
4-speed Manual Transmission17,973188.30
Powerglide Automatic Transmission
36 Gallon Fuel Tank (coupe) 63202.30
Off Road Exhaust SystemNA37.70
Woodgrained Steering Wheel3,06316.15
Cast Aluminum Knock-Off WheelsNA322.80
Blackwall Tires, 6.70 x 15 nylon 
Whitewall Tires, 6.70 x 1519,38331.55
Back Up Lamps31810.80
AM Radio, signal seeking11,368137.75
AM/FM Radio9,178174.35
Special Performance Equipment1991,818.45
Color Choices and Production
Color ChoiceProductionColor ChoiceProduction 
Tuxedo BlackNASilver BlueNA
Daytona Blue3,475 Riverside Red4,612
Saddle TanNAErmine WhiteNA
Sebring Silver3,516 

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